At O.C. Welch Lincoln, we want to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly so that you can drive with ease around Hardeeville. Oversteer and understeer are two common terms that relate to your vehicle's driving dynamics. Read on to learn the difference between oversteer and understeer.

Understeer occurs if the car turns less than you command when you're steering, and oversteer happens when the vehicle turns more than you command. If you have a vehicle with rear-wheel drive, oversteer is more likely to occur. Understeer is more commonly seen in vehicles with front-wheel drive. Understeer commonly occurs when the wheels on your vehicle turn too fast and too far. With oversteer, the rear loses grip and the front takes over.

To correct oversteer, you may need to have the suspension system loosened or drop the grip. If you have more suspension applied or increase the front wing, it can minimize understeer, and tire pressure adjustments can also help correct understeer.


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