We here at O.C. Welch Lincoln are dedicated to assisting vehicle owners with winter driving safety measures. Our team in Hardeeville wants to be sure drivers are aware of not only how to handle icy and snowy road conditions, but also what to include in a seasonally appropriate vehicle kit.

Having a winter safety kit in the vehicle provides peace of mind, and may prove essential during wintry weather. In addition to standard year-round vehicle kit items such as drinking water, first aid kits, flashlights and cell phone chargers, the winter months call for the inclusion of additional components. Ice scrapers, shovels, blankets, and cold weather gear such as boots and hats prove extremely beneficial during winter weather events. Be sure to include cold weather gear and blankets for as many people as typically travel in the vehicle. Tow straps and sand bags are other valuable items for any winter season vehicle safety kit.

Visit our dealership to test drive vehicles that handle well in wintry weather and also to further discuss aspects of winter driving preparations and realities.


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