Here at O.C. Welch Lincoln, we take time to do our utmost to help our customers to stay safer. One important safety consideration is what to do after a car crash occurs. While unfortunate, some portion of the driving population will at some point be involved in car crashes, and to mitigate the effects of these events it is key to plan ahead and to stay calm. Having such a plan and following some simple post-crash steps can promote safety and prevent further damage.

Vehicle operators who are involved in car crashes should first assess themselves, their passengers, and the occupants of other vehicles for any injuries. If any potentially serious injuries are evident, operators should next call for immediate medical attention.

Following these steps, accident-involved drivers should take steps to secure the accident scenes. If the cars are immovable, operators should clearly mark out areas around the vehicles with cones, flags, flares, or other highly visible objects. If the vehicles are movable, operators should shift the vehicles to the shoulders or other safe areas of the roadways in order to reduce the potential for further accidents.

After this, drivers should call authorities and report the details of the accidents. Information they should gather should include names, driver's license numbers, insurance policy numbers, vehicle identification numbers, license plate numbers, addresses, and photos if possible.



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