We love all things tech here at O.C. Welch Lincoln. New tech features and trend-forward apps make us as excited as fuel efficiency and heated side mirrors. That's why we can't stop talking about Apple CarPlay. It's an iOS app that connects your car's tech and your iPhone, making them a seamless pair.

Drive & Use Your iPhone -- Hands-Free

Like a lot of us, we need to be on our phone from sunrise to supper. That includes the time during our morning commute into Hardeeville. We need to make calls, listen to voice mail, respond to texts and send messages, preferably without taking our hands off the steering wheel. Now it's possible. Apple CarPlay boasts Siri with voice control, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel while you tell Siri to complete whatever tasks are at hand.

Access All of Your Phone's Content

?Thanks to CarPlay's voice-controlled Siri feature, you can use vocal commands to access whatever your phone and its apps have to offer: maps, navigation, music, calendar. You can also invite other apps along, including Google apps like Google Maps and Google Music Play. Explore Apple CarPlay in person with a test drive at our dealership today.


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