Visit our O.C. Welch Lincoln for the routine wheel alignment your vehicle requires. Optimal wheel alignment keeps your vehicle handling evenly, smoothly and safely. Your manufacturer specifies ideal wheel alignment times and other service timetables, but constant driving in Hardeeville everyday can compel your vehicle to require an alignment sooner than later.

What a Wheel Alignment Entails

Wheel alignments are one of the more accessible forms of exterior vehicle maintenance. Each make and model has its own unique wheel alignment ratios for optimal performance. Luckily, there are three primary, universal wheel alignment angles each manufacturer aligns each make and model to. Those angles include camber, caster and toe.

The Specifics of Wheel Alignment

During a routine service or wheel alignment appointment, your seasoned auto tech adjusts front and rear wheels to manufacturer's specifications, taking the above angles into mind. Toe, for example, is the angle of wheels pointed inward and outward. Camber is vertical alignment perpendicular to the road, and caster is the angle of steering pivot, front to back of the vehicle.

A quick stop at our dealership is the best way to gauge your car's need for wheel alignment. Come see us today. We look forward to helping you.



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