Oversteering and understeering are problematic for drivers when road conditions are extremely wet, snowy, or icy. By using either technique, the vehicle momentum causes the tires to lose grip and sends it into an unintentional slide.

Oversteering, or turning the steering wheel too sharply, causes an excess of power in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, which leads to a loss of traction and sliding. If a driver steers too quickly while traveling at a high rate of speed, the rear wheels cannot grip properly, which also causes the vehicle to slide.

Understeering, or not turning the steering wheel enough, causes insufficient power for the vehicle to respond. The vehicle then continues moving forward. When understeering while rounding a curve quickly, the tires cannot adequately grip the road, which causes the vehicle's momentum to continue forward. The problem may occur in a front-wheel or a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

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