Road trip games are a fun way to pass the endless hours in your vehicle and forestall cries of, "Are we there yet." Playing games in your vehicle need portability, A minimum number of parts, and a fun factor to keep everyone engaged. O.C. Welch Lincoln in Hardeeville, CA suggests you try these fun games when out of the road this summer.

Start with the classics like the alphabet game, or hangman. The easiest version of this game is to call out the name of something you see, starting with the letter A and continuing to Z. When you hit the end. Start over again. Hangman is a great game too, as all you need are a pen and paper along with your mind.

If you want to bring small games with you, try other favorites like travel bingo with fingertip shutters, I Spy Travel, and the license plate game, either on your own or as a board game.

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